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Beliefs: What are They and How do They Work?

Beliefs are very important, they shape our world through our perceptions and determine to a large extent how we will react or respond to events in our lives.

They make us who we are, often with no conscious input from us at all and unless we make an effort to identify and understand our core beleifs, they will continue to operate on our lives affecting everything we see and do without conscious control.

What are Beliefs?

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Now there is a great question. Many of us do not actually ask the question "what are beliefs?" let alone what are our beliefs! Brought out into the open (or to consciousness) we might find out core beliefs to be rather shocking. All of the various beliefs you hold about the little things and the big things serve as the very building blocks of your life.

Your Belief System Development - 5 Methods

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Before we start working with your belief system it might pay to define beliefs and to review how they develop into a cohesive belief system. You may be surprised by the answers, as although beliefs are the very foundation and building blocks of your life, the development of your system of beliefs happens almost without you being aware of it!

The Power Of Belief

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The subtle yet incredulous power of belief operates in profound ways throughout your life.

In exploring the magic of believing it's acknowledged that with invisible power, beliefs instigate a ripple affect of energy that flows from your mind to the outside world.

Adopting Traditional Beliefs

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Adopting traditional beliefs centre around the traditions perpetuated through families and societies that are a major factor in developing your belief system and they are be extremely easy to adopt, without even questioning. But just because something is traditional does not mean that they are based in truth, nor necessarily have continued usefulness for your life.

Changing Beliefs

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As you grow and evolve, you are naturally changing beliefs.

This is a simple fact of life. As you gather more information, your pictures of reality keep getting extended with your experiences, and you adopt new, more inclusive beliefs to account for it all.

Changing Core Beliefs

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Changing core beliefs that limit you or hold you back, is much easier once you understand the cycle that feeds into reinforcing limiting beliefs and behavior. This cycle of life experience and expression can keep you going around in circles, and feeling like you are not getting anywhere.

Revelations Induce Beliefs

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The definition of revelation referred to here is "disclosure of information to man by a divine or supernatural agency". Basically, this is the experience of attaining information through what you might describe as: a feeling or sense about something; a hunch or an inkling of an idea; an intuition or premonition about something; an insight through your sixth sense; a gut feeling or your minds eye or imagination

Belief Insights

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Review your beliefs with the Belief Insights: a free seven part series of emails delivered directly to your inbox. In this series of 7 instalments we will take a more detailed view which will reveal: How you can identify beliefs; how your unique window on the world affects what you believe; how you see the 'truth'; 2 main categories of beliefs impact your life; and the first hints of limiting beliefs you splash on your canvas of life.

Belief Paradigms - Us Vs Them?

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The mindset of us vs them is deeply entrenched in the world today. Whenever you get one side resisting another, you can be sure they hold opposing belief paradigms at their core.

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