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Coaching Policies and Procedures

If you have any questions after readying my coaching policies and procedures just send me an email on the contact page and I will do what I can to answer them for you.

My Commitment to My Clients

You may contact me outside of our scheduled sessions if you would prefer not to wait until our next session. You are encouraged to stay in touch via email as this provides an easily accessible way for me to monitor your progress and to add extra insights during your journey.

All of our interactions (conversations, email, faxes, etc.) will remain strictly confidential, meaning that I will not share any information provided by you with anyone without your express written consent.

I will always reply to your communications within 48 hours (except when out of town or on holidays, and I do my best to notify my clients of such dates). Even if no specific feedback is required or necessary, I will (at the very least) acknowledge the receipt of your communications.

If I make a promise to you, this promise will be kept - in the way promised and in the time frame promised. If, in exceptional circumstances only, I am unable to keep a commitment, I will notify you of this as soon as I know of the need for change.

I will deal with you at the highest standards of integrity, honesty, professionalism, and respect.

As I am adamant about delivering high value to my clients, I will let you know if I feel that my involvement is not likely to make a positive difference in your life and or business.

As you have hired me to help you grow, I believe that some of the best value I can deliver to you comes through the "tough places" you may be unwilling to visit on your own.

I will do this by:

  • providing you with honest feedback,
  • asking challenging questions,
  • giving you assignments designed to challenge your comfort zones,
  • expecting you to be accountable to your commitments,
  • and giving you an occasional, usually gentle and always caring "kick in the butt".

Payment Terms

Payment for the first month of coaching sessions is due and payable in advance and should be received by this office before the first scheduled appointment.

Subsequent monthly payments are due and payable one on the 1st of each month. If payment is not received before the scheduled appointment, the session will be cancelled.

Cancellation Policy

If you need to reschedule our appointment, please give at least 24 hours notice. Unless there is an emergency, if you do not show up for a scheduled call, we will not make up that time.

If I need to reschedule our appointment, I will give you at least 24 hours notice as well.

30 Day Risk-Free Guarantee

If, within the first 30 days of our coaching relationship, you feel that the process is unlikely to make a difference in your life or your business, please let me know and I will cheerfully refund your fees to you.

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