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Personal stories of premonitions and intuitive insights add clarity to our eager vision. Read others' stories here, and share your own experiences of intuition and intuitive perceptions.

Logic Versus Intuition

It's amazing that at a young age some teenagers like to think they know more about life and living than their parents. Certainly our daughter fell into that category. She was headstrong, brandishing her independence at every opportunity, and would not easily take NO for an answer... certainly not from her mother.

This particular Mom was known to some as having premonitions about things that were yet to happen. Please, she begged her 15 year old daughter, please don't go skating to-day... it's just not a good day! It was a strong gut feeling, warning of a pending accident.

There were no logical indications supporting the warning. It was a beautiful crisp sunny winters day. Our daughter was preparing for final school exams and felt she had definitely earned a breather between what seemed like endless hours of studying. Some might have thought the wind was foreboding, blowing a sturdy gale, but that didn't phase either of us... in our part of the world the wind nearly always blew strongly.

My words went unheeded. Every day at school our daughter was taught to look at logic, to do scientific experiments, to gather the facts. She had never been introduced to 'feeling' her way through a day. She needed a concrete reason why she shouldn't go, and since that was absent she totally dismissed my plea. Even though it was a desperate plea, the simple honesty of "honey, I just don't want you to go" was totally insufficient to her demanding mind. Her friends were waiting to pick her up, and off she went.

I valued the information that I'd received and I knew it would be best to be heeded. It was clear and prominent enough to me that I knew it was important. I had done all I could to stop our daughter, yet all that it seemed to achieve was a huge fight between the two of us. As she drove away I prayed that nothing serious would happen to her.

I didn't have to wait long before finding out what life had in store. Two hours later our beautiful daughter arrived home with one of the largest goose eggs one could imagine - right on her forehead! She had been running across the ice with flat shoes on and the wind swept her feet from under her. The first thing to hit the ice was her forehead!

Fortunately there was no serious concussion. Cold compresses, rest, and lots of TLC helped the huge bump on her forehead to slowly reduce in size over the coming days. Her two blue and black eyes simultaneously faded to streaks of yellow. Months later a small lump was still obvious above her left eye. Even now, 37 years later, a remnant of the bump is still faintly visible, especially in cold weather. Perhaps it is steadfastly refusing to go, just to remind her of her own headstrong tendencies!

Who knows why I had or was given this premonition, although it certainly had the potential to help us. I also commonly have dreams that share unproven information. I think a lot of people are affected the same way with intuitive insights. Perhaps if our society learns to value these as much as it does logic, we will all benefit more.

Pam Johnson

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