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Life Coach for Personal Development

A life coach for personal development can be a great help through both good times and 'bad'. Life is constantly offering personal development opportunities. The question is: do you recognize those lessons and learn from them?

That's where life coaching can help. A good coach will assist you in identifying and learning lessons from life, reaping your rewards, and moving forward to greater fulfillment!

5 Life Success Strategies

  1. Welcome change in your life. Don't argue with reality. You have likely heard it said, "There is only one thing as certain as death and taxes, and that is change."

    Life is constantly giving us new stimuli to work with, and if you are not evolving with that information, then you are stagnating.

    And we all know what a stagnant pool of water smells like! Invite change into your life. Constantly be asking yourself, "what can I learn from this situation?"

  2. Question what you read, hear and experience in order to wring the most from it. Whether you are taking advice from a professional, your life coach for personal development, or talking to a friend, ask yourself if their words make sense.

    Does it mean this, or that? Ask them for a further explanation.

    Is it true? What would it mean if it were true? Is some of it true?

    Can I apply it to my life?

  3. Honestly look at your life. What are you happy with, and what leaves you feeling lacking or upset. This examination is not to put you down or make you feel unhappy.

    This examination is to first look at the symptoms that your feelings and emotions reveal. This will invariably lead to your beliefs.

    What you believe will provide layers of information on why you experience what you do in life, and provide the basis for your life coaching.

  4. Respect why you do things. You have assessed a lot of information in your life, and are acting based on that.

    You have placed priorities on certain activities, and relegated others to the bottom of the pile. Become conscious of your priorities... this is a powerful personal leadership trait.

    Sit down and create a list, and make sure that you are at peace with where things are on that list, and where it is leading you. And if your are not at peace... revisit #1 and change your priorities!?!

  5. Having fun yet?

    "Life is too serious to be taken seriously."

    Mike Leonard

    Open your eyes and look around at this miraculous world we are witnessing. Look outside your little problem of the moment, and take in the big picture. There is an infinite masterful matrix that we, as yet, only have glimpses into.

    Marvel at the majesty of the unfailing sunrise, the breeze on your face, the warmth you can share with a simple smile. Give thanks for being able to sense any of it, and to feel every vibration that you do.

Why Me as Your Life Coach for Personal Development?

My strengths as a life coach for personal development stem from a strong personal passion for personal development that has driven me through life.

From formal education through the hard knocks, life has taught me to appreciate the challenges as well as the triumphs. I feel greatly privileged to see what I have thus far.

Some of the stumbling blocks now appear quite apparent to me, and it's those that I'm eager to help others over, through, or around!

My work as a life coach for personal development is based around helping you to delve into your beliefs, values, and priorities, while acknowledging the miracle of life that we are participating in.

A great first step to work with me is taking the free ecourse on this site to discover what your beliefs really are.

When you feel you would benefit from further exploring your belief structures, I would be honored to work with you. Life coaching is available:

  • one on one,
  • in group coaching sessions, or
  • in a seminar setting

Explore Life Coaching

Where ever you are in the world I'm happy to work with you as your life coach for personal development. If you are located in or around Adelaide, South Australia, we can meet personally, otherwise working via telephone and email is perfectly satisfactory for you to see positive change.

Please send me your inquiry on the form on my contact page. Let me know if you would like the life coaching overview and cost structure. If you've already received that information and want to book, tell me if you prefer one on one or group sessions, and what the best times are to contact you.

If you would like more information on how I work, you can check out my Coaching Policies and Procedures page.

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