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The Pursuit of Happiness

We all have the capability of experiencing a sustainable state of happiness, but very few of us do. In our pursuit of happiness, it seems as if we (as a culture) have forgotten how to be happy.

Where generation ago, our ancestors maight have been happy if their basic needs were being met (food, shelter, safety, family) we are living in a generation of gadgets. We cannot be happy unless we have an iPhone 6 (or what ever number we are up to now) or the latest smart 3D widescreen TV.

We will be happy when we have a new car, or we have paid off the house. Maybe we can't be happy until we are in a new relationship or we win that new job. We are for ever in pursuit of happiness, yet we never seem to achieve it.

I don't know about you, but I would prefer to be happy now!

Finding Happiness - 9 Building Blocks for Authentic Happiness

finding happiness

There are some vital basics to finding happiness, yet they are often overlooked in our fast paced world.

Take note of the 9 keys for authentic happiness and they will improve your overall health, well being, and aid you in furthering your holistic personal development.

Happiness Quiz

Happiness Quiz

This authentic happiness quiz helps measure 5 factors that are key in understanding how to be happy.

Much research has been undertaken to answer the question what is happiness in life, and the questions in the quiz are are based on those findings.

What is Happiness in Life?

what is happiness

What is happiness in life and what factors contribute to it? Many people have explored this topic over the past 20 years, and there is now greater understanding around how to be happy.

Here are some thoughts, and findings from a variety of research papers.

Your Key To Happiness Is Unique To You

Key to Happiness

Where should you start looking for your key to happiness? Lot's of people look outside of themselves in their pursuit of happiness.

But you don't want to rely on things to make you happy, YOU want to make you happy. People that begin their pursuit of happiness by acquiring things outside of themselves, are missing the key to authentic happiness.

Recipe for Authentic Happiness

Authentic Happiness

How many people do you know that feel like their keys to happiness were misplaced a while back?

Use of anti-depressant medications are apparently at an all time high, if not the spirits of the people they are prescribed to. Happiness appears to be becoming more and more elusive.

Happiness Quotes

Giving Quotes

Dozens of inspirational happiness quotes and happy sayings for you to enjoy and share. You'll see lots of ideas and suggestions on ways to be happy.

Books on Happiness

Keys to Happiness Books

What are some of the best self help books sharing keys to happiness? This is the place to find out about them and contribute your own book reviews on the best happiness books in your library.

And what an enjoyable way to spend some time... thinking and reading about how to be happy.

How to be Happy

How to be Happy

The basic recipe for how to be happy is the same for everyone, but each person has to identify their individual ingredients and portion them out for themselves.

Here you'll gain an appreciation of the core ingredients, and discover where to look to come up with your favorite recipe for happiness.

Recipe for Happiness

How to be Happy

Important ingredients in my recipe for happiness became clearer to me through a recent bout of inner grumpiness. It was a challenging, mentally uncomfortable state. My thoughts were getting stuck in a negative loop and tripping me into a ditch.

The good news is that this uncomfortable mental state provided just the right impetus to drive me to further refine my recipe for happiness and cultivate a new, more productive way of thinking.

How to be Happy in Life

How to be Happy

Learning how to be happy in life is easy. First, take the Happiness Quiz to get some reflection on your present state of happiness in life.

Then, come back here and put the following 20 tips for happiness into practice.

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