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Self Motivation Techniques

Motivate yourself with these nine self motivation techniques. You will free up energy and enhance your success motivation and self empowerment.

Basing your life first and foremost on your life passion and life purpose will mean that you have a solid foundation to motivate yourself from.

Implementing these easily achievable self help and motivation systems will give you extra energy for your uphill strides toward success motivation.

Self Motivation Techniques To Help You Step Up

  1. Structure some helpful habits into your life.

    Schedule a specific time each day or week to do those mundane tasks that register low on your self motivation scale. It might be paying the invoices, or responding to emails.

    Knowing when to expect to tackle a task can help you mentally prepare and make it seem less formidable. Having an overall plan of what you want to accomplish each day is a great and helpful extension of this.

  2. Prioritize the various tasks that you must complete.

    It will be rewarding to see how what you rate as most important, and how they inter-relate to one another. Checking them off as they are successfully completed will further help to motivate yourself. Seeing positive results, and congratulating yourself along the way, will give you renewed energy to go on to the next task. Self help and motivation techniques that incorporate rewards, are great. Use these often.

  3. Schedule regular breaks. This allows a 'breather' you can consider a little reward. Schedule 5 minutes out of every hour for example,.. take a stroll, breath deeply and recall your glorious goals.

  4. Do you have an exact plan, a blueprint laid out of how you need to address a particular task that is challenging you to motivate yourself? Set out specific steps of what is required, systemize it, follow it, check it off. Congratulations! When details of an activity are specifically spelled out it doesn't take as much of our energy because 'we don't have to think about it every step of the way'.

  5. Structure deadlines within the plans that you lay out for tasks. Looming deadlines often encourage focus and motivation.

  6. Join, or start a mentoring group that you can call on for support and guidance. We don't have to do everything on our own. Sharing in a supportive teamwork environment will benefit your overall self development and prove valuable in many areas besides success motivation.

  7. Train yourself to know that your work environment is for work. Use your work space to do all work related activities. ie. no eating, only check personal emails on 'off time', don't use your desk phone for personal phone calls.

  8. Develop an exercise routine, or if you have one, adhere to it. Exercise enhances physical health and fitness and also supports strong mental health, heightening motivation and self esteem.The production of endorphins from exercise contributes to this wonderful sense of well being.

  9. Schedule vacation time, and take it! We all know what happened to Jack when he had all work and no play! A weekend away on occasion, a week's holiday on other's, and a revitalizing 6 weeks a year away from work can do wonders to revitalize. Once you consider your life all play and no work, you'll know that you have it all figured out perfectly!

Use these Self Motivation Techniques in conjunction with Self Motivation Tips, and Self Motivation Skills development to further your 'success motivation'.

To your success...

Knowing is not enough; we must apply.
Willing is not enough; we must do.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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